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Wealth Management

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Financial Planning

Guidance in establishing long-term goals, forecasting future needs and expenses, and creating a plan for achieving them across generations.

Asset Allocation

Strategic design of the investment mix that increases the probability of each family reaching its goals while minimizing the impact of market fluctuations.

Risk Management

Comprehensive analysis of risk exposure — both intentional and inadvertent — and the development of strategies designed to mitigate these risks.


Analysis of the potential benefit of using debt and strategic structuring of debt to help maximize tax deductibility and minimize personal liability.


Support for personal giving programs and charitable involvements to create a closer alignment between intent and the tax impact.

Wealth Transfer

Strategic input for transitioning wealth with respect to family values in light of the current tax code.

Succession Planning

Assistance in serving the long-term interests of each business’ stakeholders.

Business Exit Planning

Strategic design of the sale of a business to help meet financial and personal goals.

Family Education

Education of children, grandchildren and other family members to prepare for the management of wealth for the next generation.

Family Office

Integrated Management of Generational Wealth

The needs of ultra-high net worth families are complex. This complexity can be handled capably with a broader offering than traditional wealth management services: the family office. Our vast experience in family governance, legacy planning, multi-generational wealth transfer, private and public investment management, and administration allows us to provide informed, actionable, and personalized solutions for the families we are honored to serve. 

Acting as your personal CFO, we offer our comprehensive framework of services, partners and experience to provide the integrated resources you need to achieve your family mission and ensure continuity. Every family we work with has different legacies, values, goals, and objectives. Our expansive capabilities and personal, in-depth approach enable us to customize our solutions and leverage our high standards to accommodate each of our family’s unique needs and aspirations.

Family Governance

We help family members construct and adopt a shared framework for decision-making based on your family’s mission, collective vision, and shared values to help ensure the long term success of the family office for future generations.

Wealth Transfer

We take the lead in optimizing your estate plan in coordination with your attorneys, including trusts, entities and other structures, adjusting as your goals and legal requirements evolve.

Asset Selection and Oversight

We focus on achieving your family’s goals with every investment management decision, including public and private investment options. In our fiduciary capacity, we prioritize your best interests above all else.

Life Management

Residences, Travel, Aircraft, Watercraft, Artwork, Jewelry, Bill pay

We identify the best providers to maintain your assets, enhancing your family’s quality of life and bringing you peace of mind. Proper management of these affairs helps protect you from unexpected costs.

Reporting and Cash Flow Management

We project your inflows and outflows, developing an understanding of your liquidity needs now and over the long term. We leverage our strong banking relationships with premier institutions to help your family members manage their liquidity requirements.

Risk Mitigation

We protect the success you have worked to build by reviewing and monitoring your insurance coverages and costs, updating them as appropriate across property and casualty, disability and life insurance.

Deal Advisory Support

We have extensive experience in M&A deal strategy and structuring, capital raising and transaction advisory services to provide you customized advice that focuses on your priorities, goals, and values. We support you through every step of your M&A journey.

Family Legacy and Impact

We help guide your family in mapping out your philanthropic goals, using private foundations and donor-advised funds to achieve the greatest impact possible for your giving. We help preserve the family’s identity for future generations, ensuring the continuity of the family’s values, culture and business practices.

Strategic Tax Planning

We consider the tax consequences of every investment recommendation, using strategies to mitigate your tax burden. At tax time, we help shepherd document gathering and return preparation in coordination with your accountant.

Why We Opened a Family Office

Over three decades and having transitioned over $3 billion of illiquid business assets into liquid assets, Gryphon Financial Partners is built on a foundation of growing and maintaining clients’ significant portfolios and passing on their legacies. And we found that some of our most rewarding work has been providing end-to-end services that touch every part of our families’ financial lives and positions Gryphon as a trusted partner at the center of their most far-reaching decisions. 

From using our exit planning process to educating the next generation about investing to advising corporate executives, our mission is to protect wealth and legacies. We take a personal interest in your goals, values and dreams, acting as your Personal CFO throughout multiple generations.

Benefits of a Family Office

Wealthy families have a lot of complexities. We simplify our clients’ lives by consolidating management of family affairs, relying on our in-house resources as well as a trusted network of top providers. We maintain the highest level of confidentiality and offer the trusted, independent advice our families deserve. 

There is no one size fits all solution. Together, we help you design a strategy to help support your family’s long-term goals, manage different financial and life needs, and coordinate with a unified strategy. The goal of our integrated approach is to help protect and grow your family’s wealth and enrich the family legacy. At Gryphon, we are the protectors of your success.

Financial Life Management - Where Life and Wealth Intersect

For us, offering advice is not limited to just planning and making investment recommendations for your financial assets. It’s about taking a more holistic approach, one that begins with helping you and your family truly define and articulate your goals, dreams and concerns. It’s about being available whenever you need us and helping you make the best decisions about the things you want your money to accomplish in your day-to-day life.

Whether it’s negotiating an employment contract, offering suggestions for protecting your identity and credit, working with you to make well-informed decisions about transitioning an ailing parent into long-term care or finding the right executive health physical examination provider in your area—consider us your trusted resource. In fact, for many of our clients, we are their first call—in good times and bad. You can rely on us to connect you to the information and experts you need as you move through your life, achieve your goals and live out your dreams.


Strategic Exit Specialists

The sale of a business is a time of excitement, opportunity and also considerable financial and personal complexity for business owners. It is the culmination of many years of hard work and sacrifice and holds the promise of an entirely new lifestyle for you and your family.

However, the multitude of options and decisions at this critical time can sometimes be overwhelming, and it is difficult to know where to turn and whom to trust. This is where Gryphon’s business exit planning team comes in.

We bring an uncommon level of experience with the personal and financial elements unique to the sale of a business. We stand beside you as your dedicated business and wealth advisor, offering guidance through this transition and providing ongoing financial leadership, wealth management and family support. Our proprietary method navigates the sale of your company first and then leverages an understanding of your values to define and protect your financial life for whatever comes next.

To learn more about our process for developing an exit strategy, contact us. Our Ohio-based team will set up a working session to discuss how our approach would address your objectives.

Steps to Selling a Business

Step 1: Discovery

We use our process to listen, ask questions and learn everything we can about our clients’ situations. We then work with them to define their priorities, identify opportunities and create a realistic vision for their wealth.

Step 2: Plan

We outline the process of a sale, define a valuation range and align it with each client’s future cash flow needs to provide a customized model designed to assist in envisioning a more accurate post-sale lifestyle.

Step 3: Selection

The next step is the hiring of a banker. We facilitate meetings and navigate the details. Using our approach to investment banker selection, we assist clients in evaluating and negotiating to ensure an efficient and optimal selection.

Step 4: Management

Acting as a personal CFO, we build post-exit investment management strategies. We structure the conversion of the business to a liquid asset and create creditor protection strategies, tax savings and planning for each family’s finances. We then integrate relevant professionals into a cohesive board of advisors.

Step 5: Transition

We shepherd the sale through completion, acting as an advocate throughout the entire process. We will analyze potential buyers, consult with clients regarding negotiations and offers, and map them against our clients’ financial goals and personal values.

Step 6: Freedom

Though the sale may be finalized, our relationship is not. Following the sale, we continue our relationship toward the ongoing management of each client’s financial affairs, leaving them free to embark on the next stage of their lives.

Corporate Executives

A Trusted Resource for Workplace Plans

With over 25 years of serving corporate executives, we understand the demands on your time can leave little left for sorting through the details of your corporate plan and benefit program. We pride ourselves on helping executives like you maximize your available options to ensure you are appropriately protected for risk and that your plan is coordinated across your full team of professional executive financial advisors.

Our process begins by helping you articulate your goals, as well as what keeps you up at night. We then complete a comprehensive review of the corporate plans and benefit programs available to you and provide you with specific recommendations. We continue monitoring your options over time to ensure your selections remain appropriate as you and your family move through your career and your life.

Given the typical executive’s travel and meeting schedule, not to mention family priorities, you can count on us to serve as your trusted resource and analyst on compensation and benefits matters. Whether you need someone to evaluate your health care options and identify potential insurance gaps or to create a strategy to address the risk arising from holding a growing concentration of restricted company stock, we can be your partner to help.

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