About Gryphon

About Gryphon

About Gryphon

Clients seek our guidance for a variety of reasons. Many are looking for help transitioning the family business into the family fortune. Others may be ready to retire, possibly downshifting into a new career or pursuing a life of volunteerism or one that allows them to spend more time with family.

Regardless of the reason, our engagements involve providing our clients with the financial planning guidance and wealth management advice necessary to making a successful transition into the next phase of their lives. Taking this most critical step without careful planning and forethought could potentially undo a lifetime of hard work.

Helping to make such transitions smooth and sustainable is our business, and it has been for over 25 years.

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What Is a Gryphon and Why It Fits Us

The gryphon is a legendary, mythical creature — half lion and half eagle. Its duty is to guard and protect family treasure and priceless possessions.

At Gryphon Financial Partners, it is our goal and our honor to safeguard your family’s lifestyle, your business equity, your personal wealth and your legacy. We are the protectors of your aspirations and successes…financial and personal.

What We Stand For

At Gryphon Financial Partners, our mission is to provide our clients with advice that is delivered from a perspective of independence — one that ensures full objectivity and remains free of conflicts of interest that can be found elsewhere.

Our advice from our team of investment advisors in Columbus, Cincinnati and Toledo is also highly customized to the needs of the individuals and families we serve. That level of customization is critical to how we carry out our mission: assisting clients in achieving their life’s goals by performing in accordance with our beliefs at all times.

It is our fundamental belief that success comes from doing the right things, in the right way, for our clients…every time.

It is through our ongoing commitment to carrying out our mission with care and forethought that we help clients meet their clearly defined objectives and attain their goals.

Gryphon Values

Guidance Through Transitions

As specialists in working with owners of family businesses, we have helped transition over $2 billion of illiquid assets into investable portfolios of diversified holdings.
When you choose to work with Gryphon Financial Partners, you gain access to a dedicated, loyal and seasoned team of financial professionals. Our collective focus is consulting and guiding you through all of your financial and life transitions, from business exit planning to estate planning.
As a company, our objectives are to protect your goals and dreams by preserving the assets you worked so hard to acquire and by employing strategies we’ve found to be effective to help grow your portfolio. Our business owner wealth managers pledge to do this with discipline, risk-customized solutions, confidence and a passion for delivering the advice and results that are best suited to supporting your ongoing financial success.

Multigenerational Planning

From teaching kids the value of money at an early age by saving money in their piggy banks to improving elder parents’ quality of life by finding the right custom healthcare solution, we take great pride in advising all generations of our clients. These and the many different life stages in between require planning, education and sometimes difficult conversations, particularly when it comes to family wealth management.

At Gryphon Financial Partners, we believe having open communication about wealth with your children can help them best experience their own financial life events like buying their first home to optimizing the best work retirement plan to planning for their own children’s education. Although never easy, we believe talking with aging parents about their own finances and wishes will help with what could be overwhelming conversations.

Our team of wealth advisors pride ourselves on being a great resource throughout.

What Makes Us Different

Gryphon Financial Partners was founded in Columbus, Ohio to provide freedom of choice in an environment to best advise our clients. For this reason, we are adamant about maintaining full transparency into our thinking and our operations. We are not beholden to any one company’s product selection or operational restrictions. This enables us to create individualized solutions for each client and fulfill our commitment to hold ourselves to the fiduciary standard.

What this means is that we are more than financial advisors. While we provide financial advisory and wealth management services, we also serve as advocates for our clients’ best interests and work toward assuring their continued well-being.

We chose to assume this greater degree of accountability because we believe the client-advisor relationship needs to be well-rooted in trust if it is to flourish.

innovative wealth management and guidance gryphon financial partners brand mark

Rigorous Proponents of Independence and Objectivity

Fiduciaries First

We bear the legal obligation to put your best interest ahead of our firm’s at all times. This is not a ploy or a strategic decision on our part – we do it because it is the right thing to do.

Independent Product Selection

Because we do not answer to any one firm, we are able to make selections across the full range of investment products to find the best solution for each client.

Aligned Interests

Our deliberate pursuit of a business model that aligns our interests with our clients enables us to embrace the widest possible perspective when evaluating choices. It also ensures our focus remains on serving our client’s best interest.

Preserving Family Wealth and Values

We help families create customized wealth plans. For instance, we will work with you to develop a holistic plan for achieving your family’s goals and needs. The services we provide include:
  • Cash flow management
  • Strategic asset allocation
  • Risk management
  • Wealth transfer strategies
  • Philanthropic support
  • Lending and debt structuring
  • Appropriate investment manager selection
  • Financial life management

Specialists in Exit Planning

We are specialists in working with successful business owners who are ready to transition their companies. A large percentage of our clients’ fortunes have come through business ownership. We have broad experience in consulting on preliquidity planning, deal execution and post-deal wealth management issues.
As advisors, we have transitioned over $2 billion dollars of illiquid business assets into liquid assets.
We are dedicated to working with business owners to make the transition as smooth and as efficient for you and your family as possible. Our role is to provide ongoing financial leadership, wealth management and support to your family.
Learn more about our proprietary method for navigating the sale of your company.

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