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The Importance of Planning Your Exit Strategy Now

We have had the privilege of working with many business owner clients. We feel we bring an uncommon level of experience with the financial and personal elements unique to the sale of a business. Our first piece of advice usually is – Start your exit planning today. As we all


How to Stay Fulfilled After Selling Your Business

Most successful business owners’ identities are tied to owning and running their businesses. Selling a business is a major life change, and it is important to have a plan to attempt to stay fulfilled after the sale. We have found capitalizing on one’s strengths and competencies through running a business


Succession Planning at the Conway Center for Family Business

This week, I had the pleasure of speaking with local business owners and members of the Conway Center for Family Business. My associates and I have enjoyed being Service Providers at the Conway Center for over a decade. My presentation led me to reflect on why business owners are such


Preparing to Sell Your Business

In our last blog, we emphasized the importance of addressing the first three, key objectives in exiting a business: When? How much? To whom? Now that you have those three big areas addressed, what are some of the housekeeping tasks as well as more in-depth preparation you should be doing


Where to Start?

Exit planning for business owners is without question an intricate, multifaceted task. For the past twenty years, we have advised our business owner clients and prospects to start with the same 3 questions. These answers provide the framework for the entire exit and what life looks like post-exit. 1. When


Exiting Your Business – Find an Expert

Most business owners spend 70-80 hours per week running their business. Their focus, as it should be, is on growing revenue, increasing margins, developing and managing their people and increasing the overall value of the business. This skill set is very unique and one that very few people possess which


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