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Documents Every College Student Should Have

High school graduation is an exciting and busy time for families. The summer before college is an ideal time to help prepare our young adults for college and help with their financial literacy and responsibility. Some documents and preparation tips are below. A HIPAA Release Form gives healthcare providers permission


Creating a Family Plan for Giving

As families start contemplating a future transfer of wealth and the role giving will play in perpetuating their legacy, establishing a charitable giving plan should be discussed. However, it’s a discussion that should extend beyond meetings with advisors and become part of a larger, ongoing discussion that includes all family


Do you have these Important Documents for your College Children?

Once children turn 18, parents no longer have automatic access to their medical or financial records. As we always try to advise, get ahead of your planning before an emergency occurs. Here are some document recommendations for your college children. HIPAA release form – This allows important medical information to be


Day to Day Financial Management – Elder Care Series

This is our next article in a series about how to plan and care for our aging loved ones. In this piece, we discuss the potential day to day financial management assistance our parents, or aging loved ones, may need as they age. Below are questions we use with our


Legal Documents – Elder Care and Finances Series

This is our next blog in a series about how to plan and care for our aging loved ones. In this article, we list and briefly describe the legal documents that you should have for your senior loved ones. As always, we recommend having them in place well before they


Financial Scams that Target Seniors

According to a 2019 Senate committee report, older adults lose an estimated $2.9 billion each year to financial scams. Law enforcement struggles to fight these scams because they are being executed from foreign call centers beyond their scope. From the report, the most common scam involved individuals impersonating someone from


COVID-19: Young Investors and Professionals Advice

As we are now a few weeks into this tragic period in the U.S. and the world, it can become easier to get discouraged and let negativity take over our mind.  One thing we learned during the financial crisis of 2008 was that there are opportunities to make progress during


Tips for Starting Difficult Discussions with Aging Parents

When you start to notice that your parents are slowing down because of age or illness, talking with them about their future needs and plans can be difficult. Finances, estate planning, care plans, final wishes, etc. are complicated discussions. In our experience, we believe it is important to start these


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