Next Gen Series: Importance of Goal Setting

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Navigating independence for the first time as a young 20-something can be overwhelming. What career is right for me? When is the right time to buy my first house? Am I saving enough? Decisions made at this stage of life can now have significant consequences. Formal goal setting can help young adults set themselves up for success by visualizing and accomplishing what they want in life. It provides an actual process for thinking about what you want your future to look like and motivating yourself to turn that vision into reality. Without goals and a plan, your decision making is more difficult; and your vision is much more difficult to attain.

We recommend you develop specific goals within different, important areas of your life. Everyone has different goals and priorities, but we recommend you start with these areas of your life: Health-Fitness, Family, Financial, Personal-Hobbies, and Career. We recommend you come up with 3-5 top goals within each area. Then consider and write down the Roadblocks that could keep you from attaining each goal. Then identify an Action Plan for success that is measurable and includes a timeframe.

See this Health and Fitness Example:

Goal setting is a never ending learning process. Each goal you set will teach you something new about yourself. Use these lessons to set your next round of goals. Adjust them regularly as you gain knowledge and experience.

Your progress towards your goals will allow you to transform yourself, your relationships, and help you successfully navigate your life as a young adult as well as set a good foundation for your future.

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