Protectors Series – Planning for Health Care in Retirement

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The Gryphon is a legendary, mythical creature — half lion and half eagle. Its duty is to guard and protect family treasure and priceless possessions. At Gryphon Financial Partners, it is our goal and our honor to safeguard your family’s lifestyle, your personal wealth and your legacy. We are the protectors of your aspirations and successes…financial and personal

In this blog, we cover planning for retirement health care costs and how to protect your assets but more importantly your health.

Understand Medicare Benefits

Medicare provides health insurance to Americans aged 65 or older. How to enroll? What does it cover? What prescription drug plan is right? What additional Medigap policy do I need? When the time is right, we are prepared to help you with the decisions and planning. This link is a good starting resource:

Coverage Pre-Medicare

If retiring before age 65 and no access to an employer-sponsored program, health care options between retirement and Medicare coverage can include COBRA, private insurance, the public marketplace and a spouse’s plan.

Healthcare Savings Accounts (HSAs)

HSA’s have grown in popularity over the last several years and are a great tool to save and pay for medical expenses in retirement. HSAs offer triple tax advantages. The money goes in on a pre-taxed basis, the investment growth is tax-free and the distributions for qualified health expenses are tax free.

Long-Term Care Insurance

It is important to get advisement and do the research to decide if Long-Term Care insurance is right for you and your family. If you would like to set up a discussion about your individual circumstances, let us know.

Take Control of your Health

Make preventative health care a priority. Visit your doctors regularly for physical exams, ask questions and follow up. Keep an accurate record of all your healthcare paperwork such as family health history, doctor’s notes, prescriptions, exam results, etc. in one place.

Improve your lifestyle. Eat a healthy diet. Get regular exercise. Get enough sleep. Socialize and keep your mind active. It is important to talk to your doctor about what diet and level of activity are appropriate for you.

Your health goals and taking steps to improve your health are essential.


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