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Next Gen Series: Goal Setting to Jump Start Your Career

In our last blog, we highlighted the importance of goal setting in several life categories for young adults: Health-Fitness, Family, Financial, Personal-Hobbies, and Career. We wanted to explore the importance of setting career goals. Creating and writing down specific, formal goals early in your career can help you jump start


Next Gen Series: Importance of Goal Setting

Navigating independence for the first time as a young 20-something can be overwhelming. What career is right for me? When is the right time to buy my first house? Am I saving enough? Decisions made at this stage of life can now have significant consequences. Formal goal setting can help


Next Gen Series: Budgeting Tips for Young Adults

One of the best things about being a young adult is that you are starting fresh with countless opportunities and choices ahead of you. The downside can be that mistakes made early in life can have long lasting and sometimes expensive repercussions in terms of debt and credit. Establishing a


Next Generation Series: 529 Plan

This is our next blog in a series about setting up the next generation for success. In this piece, we outline the benefits of a 529 Plan A 529 plan is a tax-advantaged plan created to save money for college tuition, housing, books and other education-related expenses at most universities.


Next Gen Series: Raising Financially Responsible Children

Raising financially responsible children starts with having age-appropriate and open dialogues concerning money and family values at a young age. In addition to talking freely within the family, encouraging and demonstrating good money habits is critical. Children pattern their attitudes toward spending and saving after the grown-ups in their lives.


Next Gen Series: Starting a Family

Having a new addition to the family is life-changing, exciting and overwhelming. It is also another essential time to take a hard look at your financial goals and planning needs. Here are some of the things we recommend new parents should do to help prepare for this amazing added responsibility.


Next Gen Series: First Financial Steps as a Couple

Uniting in marriage also means the joining of financial futures. Suddenly, decision-making is done by a team of two. Often, spouses are not of the same mindset when it comes to how to spend, save and plan for their future. For instance, it isn’t unusual for one spouse to be


Next Gen Series: Rent or Buy?

When the question of owning a home versus renting arises for our adult children and grandchildren, we can pass along our knowledge as homeowners to help them figure out how ready or not they are. Discussion points to consider are: Determine if the young adult is ready for the added


Next Gen Series: Employer Benefit Program Checklist

When your child or grandchild gets their first “real” job and begins to start their career, it’s an exciting time. For them, the world is at their fingertips and they are thrilled to launch into adulthood. As a parent, your instinct is to protect them. You want them well-prepared to


Next Gen Series: Creating a Family Plan for Giving

The Importance of Giving Charitable organizations are how so many of us can come together to affect change. When we do, it tends to make the world feel a bit smaller and tightens the bonds among us. Similarly, when families engage in giving together, it can have a lasting impact


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